Monthly Updater Online Gatherings

This offering contains recordings for previous month's gatherings.

Live online gatherings occur approximately once a month, but frequency depends on the travel schedule of Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander.

Updaters are timely, topical, and personalized for you to get advice about your tree.

Registration for each live events is required at either of the following home pages: or

When you register, you will be given access to that month's recording.

This offering contains recordings for previous month's gatherings.

Each month's agenda goes something like this:
  1. Guided Visualization Meditation by Basia Alexander, designed for that month's topic.
  2. Hear Dr. Jim's latest consciousness-based tree-healing breakthroughs and travels.  
  3. Dr. Jim's "Tune-In" to your trees. After you register, you can email a photo of a tree you are concerned about to Dr. Jim. He will select 2-4 trees for the event, and will provide advice, insight, and possibly some distance healing for it.
  4. Q&A about solutions for the effects of climate extremes on trees, plants, crops, forests, ecosystems. 
Recording from May 18, 2023, Updater Gathering

  1. Guided Visualization Meditation: "Step Inside Your Tree's Climate Changed World"
  2. Dr. Jim Conroy shows and explains how trees need to be restored to an inner functionality network pattern: make food>circulation>growth. He shows recent trees that are on the path to healing with that restored feedback loop.
  3. People show images of their trees; Dr. Jim does a "tune-in" and gives them advice and insights.

Upcoming June 29, 2023

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